Who are the Best Web hosts?

Welcome to the world of word wide web. In the present scenario of the virtual world it is must that each and everyone should be a part of it. You can use the internet for numerous purposes. You will find that you can suffice all your needs through the internet by using the social networking sites or the web browser for finding the information needed or maybe find a game, video or audio as per your wishes or demands. If you aim to reach out to the people all across the globe then you should indulge creating a presence on the internet. To suffice this need and promote your business and increase the popularity you need to create a website so that you can achieve your goal. For this purpose you can contact any of the best web host present in the market.

What is web hosting?

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It is a type of online service which helps the individuals as well as organizations to make their website by renting them web space, which in turn can be used to get access to a larger potential consumer base through World Wide Web. The availability of the website as mentioned above is measured through the percentage of a year in which the website is accessible to the general public. There are several different web hosting services which can be made use of by different users like free web hosting service or shared web hosting or reseller web hosting and many others.

How to select the best web host for the job?

Choosing a web host is a bit tricky because there are so many competent hosts offering their services at a low cost. You as an amateur might be tempted to take the offer by free hosting services but don’t be carried away by these tactics. This is a very crucial step regarding a website as it decides your virtual future. So you would want to take this step with caution. The steps which will help you to select a good web host for your website are as follows-

  • If you use the website for just fun and nothing serious then you can use the free host as it will be slow with some advertisements. But if you want to use it for work purposes then you would want to change your host.
  • Understand the main types of the servers present named shared servers, virtual servers and dedicated servers and pick the one which suits your web requirements.
  • One of the most important parts of a website is customer service. The down-time and technical issues can really make an impact on your visitors.
  • After this you can check the amount of storage they provide, so as to save your content. If your website does not carry heavy content then you will probably not need much space and vice versa. Also check the connection speed and compare the amounts with different hosts.
  • Then finally you can browse through the reviews of the company to understand their working pattern and the level of customer satisfaction they provide.

If you follow the above mentioned steps then it would be very easy to select the best web host for your website. Happy hosting!

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Ways to Choose a Web Hosting Site

Almost everything in the world today is being conducted on the online platform. From the entertainment, to the purchasing of goods, to finding news, everyone is running to the virtual community for solutions. To be in significant in the online platform, it is important to have a website. You could either sell products or just have important data that other people in the world would require. Where do you begin when you need to own a website and hosting it on the internet? Well, the first thing to do is to choose a web hosting site. From hence, the hosting company will begin to make efforts towards seeing that your site thrives amidst of stiff competition. Ways to Choose the Best Web Hosting Websites There are several ways of choosing a web hosting site including:

    • Going through the peer reviewed websites. Reviews are the best place where you can find the naked truth about the companies available in offering hosting services. Reputable companies receive the very best of comments from such sites while the rest are unappreciated.

  • Ask for recommendations. If you have friends who have hosted their sites before, you need to ask them to recommend the best web hosting site for you. Ask them about the quality of services offered by such companies.
  • Adverts. The best companies advertise for their services in both the online and offline platforms. Do not be cheated into thinking that the companies provide all the services that they advertise for. Rather, do your research to find out if indeed you will receive the quality of service that you need.

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Hosting Site Before you sign in a deal with a web hosting site, it is important to find out about the packages that they offer. The best packages should include the good bandwidth capacity, compatible features, ample storage facilities and unlimited domain names. You must be sure that the hosting company has the right professionals to help you in running your site. Find out about the training of the staff members and their willingness to offer you hostgator coupon support on a 24/7 basis. The easiest way to find out if you are dealing with the right company is to research on the registration details from the authorities. Take your time to go through the directories and other indexes available that will allow you to know whether the company is certified to offer you hosting services. Always avoid illegitimate companies because you have no way of finding them in case of any hiccup during and after service delivery. Whereas there are many web hosting sites to consider, you need to take your time. Have a list of the best of them and narrow down on the ones who have the best services that may help you to run your site successfully. Take time to clarify on the service details provided by such companies. This way, you will find reliable, professional, legitimate, and friendly service providers.

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This Year’s Web Hosting top ten 10

Like any field especially in technology the ranking of web hosts is usually highly contested especially since they are different categories of them and thus coming up with a measure that will suit most of them is a really hard task and not really conclusive as some of the aspects and services might be out looked. The criteria for coming up with web hosting top 10 listis not clearly cut. A point on ranking web host may also come on by the number of client they do serve and at times by serving a large number of persons they are able to maintain a good service due to the total revenue obtained maintaining a low cost to individual clients.

Area of consideration in ranking

When it comes to choosing of these web hosts one may include but not be limited to aspects like;


  • Reputation. We have reviewed all well-known web hosting companies as well as the ones suggested by our users.
  • Popularity. We have reviewed all the web hosting companies frequently.
  • Speed. For web hosting reviews, a private test sites is chosenin order to verify the specifications
  • Reliability & uptime.
  • Features. Many hosts are loaded with features you don’t need. In other cases you may need something very particular or complex that only a few hosts will offer. All hosts on this page have the standard features you expect from a decent web hosting companysuch as PHP, Perl, MySQL, control panel and email, all that on your own domain.
  • Support. This is a tricky evaluation because the quality of support at times varies from one support representative to the other.

A Look at the Top

Obtaining the web hosting top10 firm may also be categorised in terms of their country but in this segment we are going to derive them as general as possible based on reviewers opinions and customers comment and thus it is just a probabilistic list that can enable one choose a web host.

Here is the list of the web hosting top 10 firms as per general opinion

i.            Ipage. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

ii.            InMotion hosting. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name

iii.           HostMetro. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

iv.           BlueHostOffers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

v.            JustHost. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

vi.           hostGater. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and domain name at an extra pay of about 13 USD.

vii.          Fatcow. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

viii.         Green geeks. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

ix.           WebHostingHub. Offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

x.            Yahoo! Hosting. Offers 500 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

As earlier mentioned the list is not conclusive but for reviews only.


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The real story on cheap web hosting

Starting a website requires the perfect launch. The entire episode involves certain expertise who will host the website giving it the desired exposure and design. This involves an investment of a lump sum amount of money. Before choosing one should understand the real story on cheap web hosting. Know the pros and cons before jumping into the decision of choosing the cheap web hosting service. There are many web hosting sites available who promises to offer exciting features at cheap rates but the challenging part is to differentiate the effective from the deceiving ones.

Find the advantages

  • Cheap websites are pocket friendly. A good cheap website is the one that promises to give the bets offers within the stipulated price. While starting a business a cheap website will curb the investment of the business.
  • Most of the cheap web hosting services offers around 7 GB of disk space. This amount of disk space is sufficient for many websites. The average bandwidth runs around 100-600GB which is a reasonable at a low price.
  • The cheap hosts offer their services in Windows and UNIX servers which are good according to normal standards.

Know the disadvantages

  • As the services come in cheap rates the quality standard relegates in some cases. Every company wishes to have a profit. When they are giving the service at a low price there is a compromise based on quality. It just depends how much compromise is done on the quality.
  • Improper designing is the disadvantage of a cheap host. This might also affect the security of the website. The website becomes prone to hacking. At some cases it is also seen the data gets corrupted. This affects the image of the website. Due to hacking of websites the whole website might stop working.
  • In cases of shared hosting servers often become overloaded. A lot of traffic of the different websites under a single host jams the network creating problems of connectivity.

Things to remember before choosing

The website before choosing a server should be aware about the requirements and should have a plan that is to be executed through the web hosting service. Ensure that in case of any problem you get the technical help of the web host. Choose the hosting service that assures money back if the host is unable to meet the needs of the website. The bandwidth and space should be unlimited. The setup should always come free. Before investing it should be assured by both the parties that all the terms and conditions are understood and agreeable.

Cheap is not always bad if one has the proper knowledge about web hosting. When one chooses a cheap web hosting one should be ready to accept both the pros and cons. If one is wise enough to choose the best cheap deal one will definitely be beneficial. There are many options available in the web and one needs to do a proper research work. Money should be invested only after knowing about the cheap web hosting. The work might be done by any cheap website but only few can reach closer to perfection.

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2014 Guide to Hostgator Coupons

A website is a very powerful tool for communication and internet is the most dominant media to reach a broad audience at limited cost. The next step to creation of a website is its hosting. Website hosting service allows a website owner to make his website available to the world through the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space on a server and connectivity to the internet.


Many web hosting companies offer a variety of services. Hostgator is one such web hosting company. Hostgator is a 13 year old web hosting company, providing various web hosting services to individuals as well as organizations. It is one of the biggest names in the industry. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that it serves over a million customers across 200 countries. Hostgator is known to be the best web host in the market. They have a round clock customer service which is readily available for help. It is also known to have unrestricted bandwidth and disk space. Also one can host any number of sub domains in one account.


Every year hostgator announces new coupons and discounts to make its web hosting services affordable and competitive. These coupons are loaded with features that one is looking for while hosting a website. Custom jobs and error pages are some examples of impressive features available with hostagator. Although these are not essential for website hosting but provide convenience and control for the website hosting process.


Hostgator coupons 2014 are a wise and cost effective way to use the services of this web host. These coupons can be easily found on websites with hostgator reviews or in blogs wheredifferent types of coupons are available. Some examples are 20% and 25% coupons. Apart from the coupons the website offers a list of plans that can be chosen from. Hostgator offer varied plans to suit the needs of the users such as Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, Business Plan, etc.

In 2014, one can choose from various hostgator coupon which can be downloaded from different websites as mentioned. Some examples are as follows:

  • MaxHGDiscount – Provides maximum discount available, for any hosting plan
  • OneMonthHostingFree–Removes first month payment that is around
  • TipsandTricks – Gives 25% discount, available for any hosting plan
  • MaxDiscountShared – Gives maximum discount on hosting that is shared
  • MaxDiscountBaby – Gives maximum discount for baby plan

Coupons can be availed for maximum benefit and make the process cost effective.

Additional Offers

Hostgator coupons 2014 offer much more than just discounts. There are certain webmasters in partnership with Hostgator that provide search engine optimization or free advertising bonus for using a particular coupon. This is a big advantage for new startups as it is difficult from them to drive traffic to their website. Some webmasters also offer live support till the website is completely hosted. Thus, signing up to hostgator through a partner ensures full advantage.

Hostgator is the most preferred hosting providers and is very popular with new beginners.

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